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'Glossary of Broken Dreams' gewinnt 'Award of Merit 2018' für Documentary Feature bei den Impact Docs Awards

WINNER! Glossary of Broken Dreams won the 'Award of Merit 2018' for Documentary Feature at Impact Docs Awards.



'Glossary of Broken Dreams' gewinnt 'Best Hacker Film 2018' auf der HOPE Con

WINNER! Glossary of Broken Dreams won BEST HACKER FILM 2018 at HOPE Con.

Sehr leiwand!


'Glossary of Broken Dreams' gewinnt 'Best Foreign Documentary Feature' bei The Indie Gathering

WINNER! Glossary of Broken Dreams won BEST FOREIGN DOCUMENTARY FEATURE 2018 at The Indie Film Gathering.

Sehr fein!


Die Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung über 'Glossary of Broken Dreams'

Zur Deutschlandpremiere von 'Glossary of Broken Dreams' gibts eine nette Rezi in der Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung.

[...] Denn dieses "Glossar der unerfüllten Träume" ist ein Filmessay über gescheiterte Hoffnungen, über die uneingelösten Glücks- und Freiheitsversprechen der jüngeren Menschheitsgeschichte – von Aufklärung und Liberalismus über Kapitalismus und Kommunismus bis hin zu Kunst, Aktivismus und Punk. Er habe damit, erläutert Grenzfurthner, der nicht nur Regisseur und Drehbuchautor, sondern auch zentraler Darsteller dieses irgendwo zwischen Low- und No-Budget finanzierten Streifens ist, einen "politischen Frühjahrsputz der Begriffe" bewerkstelligen wollen. Eine Kritik der Begriffswelten aus dem Glauben heraus, "dass wir es besser machen können", obwohl er auch selbst "Teil des Problems sei", wie der Kopf des Wiener Künstlerkollektivs Monochrom im Interview mit der Online-Plattform Zebrabutter einräumt. Wozu er noch ein "Harharhar!" anfügt.


Film Inquiry bespricht 'Glossary of Broken Dreams

Der erste richtige Verriss von 'Glossary of Broken Dreams'. [Ein bisserl liberalisch, und (hey!) Sven Shitpornson ist ein Weltschmäh! Pffffff!!]


At the Golden-Calf Slaughterhouse: ein Interview mit Johannes Grenzfurthner über 'Glossary of Broken Dreams'

Boing Boing veröffentlicht eine englische Version des Interviews, das Thomas Kaestle mit mir für Zebrabutter gemacht hat.

A sprawling interview with artist and filmmaker Johannes Grenzfurthner on his latest movie Glossary of Broken Dreams.

Some two years ago, Thomas Kaestle interviewed Johannes Grenzfurthner, Austrian all-purpose nerd, and founder of monochrom about his then brand-new movie Traceroute. In this jagged autobio road movie the filmmaker journeys through his past as a nerd, artist, activist, and discourse generator. He undertakes a funny, associative pilgrimage through the USA, visiting the sacred sites of his decades-long quest for knowledge to pay homage to the gods of tech- and pop-culture.

Grenzfurthner's new movie, Glossary of Broken Dreams, is a sequel as much as a counter-thesis. Produced with a micro-budget, this monumental mosaic is taking the audience on a ride through an encyclopedia of overused, misconceived, and corrupted concepts and ideas. The fact that it concerns the favorite vocabulary of current discourses, the golden calves of contemporary controversy, makes for a considerably explosive force. With relish, Grenzfurthner is leading them to the slaughter to rummage through their bowels and read in them an uncertain future.

So, Thomas Kaestle sat down with Grenzfurthner again, this time to talk about the deconstruction of concepts and discourses, alleged security within false contexts, societal and political change, the fragmentation of ideological camps, cherished ideas, letting go, Daleks, and Cthulhu.


The 405 rezensiert 'Glossary of Broken Dreams'

Super Review auf The 405.

It is indeed this cynicism and opportunistic Pop culture references that prove why Glossary of Broken Dreams is a film of its time: hypermodernity is well represented by both its form and context, allowing for a very familiar disenchantment to echo throughout — the more the film advances, the more you realise you’re trapped in a loop of needs and wants to which you respond so automatically that you don’t even notice your own sense of combativeness itself is being used by the system you claim to position yourself against as a tool of self-propaganda. And the beat goes on — to quote Sonny and Cher — without you having an effective saying in what becomes of your future or your dreams (be them collective or individual), the only soulagement coming from the consolation prize that is being aware of the self-destruction process — part of it, at least.

This is not a militant movie, although I must confess that the image of a random MAGA supporter who happened to stumble upon it shouting “communist propaganda!” as they salivate from the mouth amuses me; after all, Glossary of Broken Dreams lives up to its title and destroys each and every hope of collective redemption — it even questions the ongoing relevance of the Left, deromanticising the last socio-political myth standing.


Glossary of Broken Dreams: Der Trailer!

Na endlich! Glossary of Broken Dreams hat jetzt auch einen Trailer!


UK Film Review bespricht 'Glossary of Broken Dreams'

Super Rezension von 'Glossary of Broken Dreams' auf UK Film Review.

A highly intelligent and topical film, Glossary of Broken Dreams is an engaging epistemological documentary that will have you chuckling about, choking on, and considering the validity of, your political ideology.

Johannes Grenzfurthner’s opening gambit is amusing as he details the moment, when he was four years old, that he fell flat on his face on some concrete by a beach in Italy. The moment taught him that he had a difficult condition – he was ‘human’: a condition which experiences broken dreams and relies on narratives, metaphors and linguistic shortcuts to convey our ‘stories’ and it is this that Grenzfurthner compels us to explore and evaluate in his film. He tackles concepts such as ‘capitalism’, ‘privacy’ and ‘freedom’, exploring what that really means through a range of cinematic techniques.

Reminiscent of the ‘asides’ of Adam McKay’s The Big Short, Grenzfurthner utilises images, photos, voice-over, direct address, song, subtitles, animation, archive clips and live music to explore social constructs and their contradictory nature. Topical issues are cross-examined under the lenses of history, politics, philosophy and technology with interesting insights and questions resulting. The film explores the seeming-ridiculousness of campaigns for inequality in a society controlled by capitalism; the nonsense of the uproar around ‘fake news’ when all news, by its definition and construction is itself fake; and the irony of society’s desire for privacy yet its reluctance to do the one thing to protect its privacy – stop sharing. But the film doesn’t attempt to convert or pressure its audience into a particular opinion; largely, it offers multiple sides to each argument and raises questions for its audience to consider.


Zebrabutter: Interview mit Johannes Grenzfurthner über 'Glossary of Broken Dreams'

Ein ausuferndes Gespräch mit dem Filmemacher Johannes Grenzfurthner über seinen neuen Film Glossary of Broken Dreams.

Vor etwas über zwei Jahren sprach zebrabutter-Autor Thomas Kaestle mit dem österreichischen Universalnerd und monochrom-Gründer Johannes Grenzfurthner über dessen damals brandneuen Film Traceroute. In diesem autobiografischen Road-Movie reist der Filmemacher hakenschlagend durch seine Vergangenheit als Nerd, Künstler, Aktivist und Diskursproduzent. Er pilgert assoziativ durch die USA zu heiligen Stätten seines jahrzehntelangen Erkenntnisgewinns und huldigt Göttern der Technik- und Popkultur.

Grenzfurthners neuer Film, Glossary of Broken Dreams, ist Fortsetzung und Gegenthese zugleich. Mit kleinem Budget als Monumental-Puzzle produziert, nimmt er sein Publikum mit durch eine Enzyklopädie abgenutzter, falsch verstandener und korrumpierter Begriffe und Ideen. Brisant wird das durch den Umstand, dass es sich dabei ausgerechnet um das Lieblingsvokabular aktueller Diskurse handelt, um goldene Kälber zeitgenössischer Auseinandersetzungen um Politik und Gesellschaft. Grenzfurthner führt sie lustvoll zur Schlachtbank, um in ihren Gedärmen zu wühlen und daraus eine unsichere Zukunft zu lesen.

Also sprach Thomas Kaestle wieder mit Grenzfurthner, diesmal über Begriffs- und Diskursdekonstruktion, vermeintliche Sicherheit in falsch konstruierten Zusammenhängen, gesellschaftlichen und politischen Wandel, Fragmentarisierung von gedanklichen Lagern, liebgewonnene Ideen, Loslassen, Daleks und Cthulhu.


Indie Shorts Mag rezensiert 'Glossary of Broken Dreams'

Super Review von 'Glossary of Broken Dreams' im Indie Shorts Mag.

The film promises to be anything but bland. Despite addressing political issues, revolutionary ideas and gently poking at the present culture of lackadaisical, dependent and largely misinformed public/audience, the film delivers its content with class, wit and generous humour.

For those interested in political debates and issues concerning the present world, this film offers not only the view of the contemporary landscape but also of various political origins. Educational, thought-provoking and intensely engaging, Grenzfurthner's Glossary of Broken Dreams isn't for the popcorn munching audience, but for those willing to give a serious thought to present day issues.


CelebBeat bespricht 'Glossary of Broken Dreams'

CelebBeat hat uns das beste Kompliment gemacht!

The movie delivered on many more levels than I expected possible. It has the potential to break into echo chambers and filter bubbles; it can empower people by providing them with a deeper understanding of the human condition.


The Independent Critic rezensiert 'Glossary of Broken Dreams'

3.5 von 4 Sternen! Welch Ehre!

The film is relentless in its presentation, but actually not too relentless. It's just rare these days to have a film filled with ideas that you actually have to pay attention to and images that actually mean something. You actually have to stop playing that damn video game long enough to fully immerse yourself in Glossary of Broken Dreams if you really want to get something from it. 

Otherwise? You're going to be lost.

I'm pretty sure that even Grenzfurthner would embrace the idea that his views and his films aren't for everyone. A self-described Leftist and atheist, Grenzfurthner is as relentlessly charismatic as he is relentlessly well informed. It's apparent from his films that he's also a listener, though a listener who's willing to engage you in your ideas. If you're a fool, you're going to feel like a fool in a chat with Grenzfurthner. On the flip side, even if you're a lesser intellectual with an authentic curiosity and honest, cohesive position one gets the sense that Grenzfurthner will embrace you. 

The simple truth is I loved every moment of Glossary of Broken Dreams, a tighter and more thematically connected work than Traceroute, a film that I also loved but found a touch more confusing in subject and presentation. Glossary of Broken Dreams is a nerdgasm of creative consciousness meets good intentions and abundant doses of intellectually informed human compassion. It'll fuck with your mind. Then laugh.


ScreenCritix bespricht 'Glossary of Broken Dreams'

4.5/5 Sterne auf ScreenCritix!

Mad as a box of frogs but thoroughly entertaining, we learn about freedom, privacy, identity, resistance, the markets, capitalism and the political left and right.
Sometimes in life, you can get the timing just right, there is no fortune telling involved or any strategy employed, you just end up in the right place at the right time. With the current political scandal involving Cambridge Analytics and Facebook, it seems director Johannes Grenzfurthner has struck gold with his timely documentary, Glossary Of Broken Dreams that he managed to make for just $10k.

IndyRed rezensiert 'Glossary of Broken Dreams'

Da haben wir jemanden bei IndyRed ziemlich verwirrt :)
Trotzdem super Review:

It's a mix and match party of epic proportions. Old school video game graphics. Puppets. Musicians, anime, the kitchen sink. There's no shortage of style but more importantly, somehow these things all co-exist in seemingly perfect harmony. (...) A rock solid three and a half stars. For those in the political know, it's not hard to imagine another full star being added.


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