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Let's Play With The World: Games, Art, Activism and other subversions @ IndieCade 2012

Gehosted von Johannes Grenzfurthner/monochrom.
This panel invites five game designers who are also artists to discuss the boundary between art, games and activism. It is a standard reflex for people to think they are helpless in the face of mighty governments and corporate power. But in a media-based society, everything is controlled by a "cultural grammar of the public space": the habits and conventions of society, our ways of speaking and thinking, the images and stereotypes which give short-cuts to meaning in our lives. That means that the power wielded by big institutions is more like a fluid or a jelly than a solid brick wall, and we can play with it. So let us - as game designers, game players, artists, activists and other fellow nerds - leave our cozy peer-groups and comfy scenes behind, and talk about what we can do to play with the world."
TeilnehmerInnen: Nathalie Pozzi, Zach Gage, Kaho Abe, Paolo Pedercini.

Auf der IndieCade 2012 (6. Oktober 2012, 13:30) in Culver City, LA.

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monochrom *1993. ursprünglich zeitschrift. lebt z. zt. als haufen bzw. neue unübersichtlichkeit im museumsquartier wien, bamberg und unter www.monochrom.at. arbeitet unter anderem als künstler/innen/gruppe, linksextremistischer partyservice, info-point, archiv, sloterdijk ii, liveband, gruppentherapie, computerspiel und als konkursmasse etc. monochrom besteht aus johannes grenzfurthner, evelyn fuerlinger, franky ablinger, harald homolka list, frank apunkt schneider, daniel fabry, gnther friesinger, anika kronberger, roland gratzer sowie gott und der welt. immerhin!

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