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monochroms Urban-Hacking-Buch in: "Urban Hacking as a Quality Management Tool"

Artikel von Hanna Lutz, der sich auf unser Buch "Urban Hacking" bezieht...
The “end of public space” is proclaimed often. Urban researchers complain about increasing and omnipresent surveillance methods in as well as extensive privatization of public areas. The discussion about the decline in public space also focuses on the ubiquity of advertising messages in urban space and the so called “architecture of control” that subtly instructs urban residents’ behavior. Entering the aforementioned key words on google it brings up hundreds of books, papers, essays, articles, lectures, panel discussions etc. about the incorrect, contorted or ruined form of public space. Walking around several European or North American cities with a vigilant eye though, you can find a lot of interventions that face these tendencies creatively with direct actions: billboards turned to plant-holders, self-made zebra crossings and bike lanes, parking lots converted into picnic areas, … In this and future posts I want to give an overview about these direct actions, so called “Urban Hacks”, as a reaction to the loss of public space and show their value in terms of protecting its ideal forms.
A couple of months ago, Valentin gave a very nice introduction to Pop-Up-Urbanism and showed several examples of how residents install temporary add-ons in the city in order to reactivate distressed or vacant space and also to fulfill their needs within their urban environment. Urban Hacking goes a bit further than that and is a direct reaction to developments in the city Urban Hackers see as threatening public space. Following the book "Urban Hacking. Cultural Jamming Strategies in the Risky Spaces of Modernity", I choose the term Urban Hacking for those kind of (re)actions, but expand its definition.

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