UK Film Review reviews ‘Glossary of Broken Dreams’

Great review of ‘Glossary of Broken Dreams’ by UK Film Review. A highly intelligent and topical film, Glossary of Broken Dreams is an engaging epistemological documentary that will have you chuckling about, choking on, and considering the validity of, your political ideology. Johannes Grenzfurthner’s opening gambit is amusing as he details the moment, when he was … Read more

Indie Shorts Mag reviews ‘Glossary of Broken Dreams’

Great review of ‘Glossary of Broken Dreams’ on Indie Shorts Mag. The film promises to be anything but bland. Despite addressing political issues, revolutionary ideas and gently poking at the present culture of lackadaisical, dependent and largely misinformed public/audience, the film delivers its content with class, wit and generous humour. For those interested in political debates … Read more

First monocon!

We are starting a new project, monocon. Four days of hanging out, discussions, workshops, amusement and destruction, with/by/for monochrom and its friends.Are there better ways to spend time in the Austrian countryside? Definitely not. It will be June 28-July 1 at Schloss Hotel Zeillern, a lovely and very affordable hotel and former castle in Lower … Read more

Film Threat reviews ‘Glossary of Broken Dreams’

Bradley Gibson wrote a great review of Glossary of Broken Dreams for Film Threat! Working with a $10K USD budget, Johannes assembles a dizzying patchwork of rapid-fire occasionally seizure-inducing images and words to illuminate the dangers of capitalism, it’s historic rise out of oligarchical tendencies, and to re-introduce the virtues of Marxism all set to … Read more

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