Film Threat reviews ‘Glossary of Broken Dreams’

Bradley Gibson wrote a great review of Glossary of Broken Dreams for Film Threat!

Working with a $10K USD budget, Johannes assembles a dizzying patchwork of rapid-fire occasionally seizure-inducing images and words to illuminate the dangers of capitalism, it’s historic rise out of oligarchical tendencies, and to re-introduce the virtues of Marxism all set to the soothing tones of a hip hop version of Pachelbel’s canon in D.
Many are troubled at the times. Most of us just distract ourselves or flail about in impotent rage on the internet. Johannes Grenzfurthner makes films and has given us 97 head-spinning minutes of core dump rage and frustration that is also entertaining and witty. Not, the website cautions, to be used with false consciousness or silicone-based lubricant.


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