Sierra Zulu: Obtain The T-Shirt!

Interested individual! As you might remember, we created a limited set of t-shirts for our Kickstarter campaign. But the masses were in uproar!
They were shouting, tweeting and faxing:

“We want textiles too!”
“To hell with limitations!”
“Make them available for everyone!”

“Lower quality! Higher affordability!”

It is our job to (randomly) obey the dicatorship of the (unfree) market and are happy being able to announce: “Get our fresh new Sierra Zulu t-shirt!”
It is daring, yet pleasing! Nothing fancy, but still full of distinction!

Austria: EUR 18 (plus EUR 4 shipping & handling)
Europe: EUR 18 (plus EUR 8 shipping & handling)
USA, Venezuela, New Caledonia and whatever else there is: EUR 18 (plus EUR 12 shipping & handling)

Order via sierra-zulu AT (and pay via Paypal).