Sierra Zulu @ Crowdfunding in Austria – Panel discussion

Oh yes, Johannes Grenzfurthner will talk about Sierra Zulu and the Kickstarter campaign at Think out Loud! 2 / Crowdfunding in Linz.

Crowdfunding in Österreich – Paneldiskussion: Erfolgreiche CrowdfunderInnen und BertreiberInnen von Crowdfunding-Plattformen sprechen über die Möglichkeiten und Erfahrungen in/aus Österreich mit Hilfe der Community ein Projekt zu finanzieren. Moderator: Christian Henner-Fehr (Kulturmanager, Co-Founder der stART-Konferenz)Panel-TeilnehmerInnen:
Johannes Grenzfurthner (Sierra Zulu), Lena Robinson (Three Coins), Robi Faustmann, Lisa Keiner (Keiner mag Faustmann), Reinhard Willfort (1000×1000)

November 15, 2012; 4:15 PM at Klub Kantine/Tabakfabrik Linz, Linz Austria.


Sierra Zulu: Obtain The T-Shirt!

Interested individual! As you might remember, we created a limited set of t-shirts for our Kickstarter campaign. But the masses were in uproar!
They were shouting, tweeting and faxing:

“We want textiles too!”
“To hell with limitations!”
“Make them available for everyone!”

“Lower quality! Higher affordability!”

It is our job to (randomly) obey the dicatorship of the (unfree) market and are happy being able to announce: “Get our fresh new Sierra Zulu t-shirt!”
It is daring, yet pleasing! Nothing fancy, but still full of distinction!

Austria: EUR 18 (plus EUR 4 shipping & handling)
Europe: EUR 18 (plus EUR 8 shipping & handling)
USA, Venezuela, New Caledonia and whatever else there is: EUR 18 (plus EUR 12 shipping & handling)

Order via sierra-zulu AT (and pay via Paypal).

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Reward: A ‘T-Shirt’ for the (limited) Masses!

Fellow communists! We got a multitude of electronic messages, all of them asking for a reward in form of textile! And we answer with: DA!
Soviet Unterzoegersdorf’s Cotton Commission presents a very limited ‘T-Shirt’ for $72. A high amount? No. Shortage of resources!

(Link to Kickstarter.)

Sierra Zulu: Steve Tolin’s New Creature Designs

Our creature effects maestro Steve Tolin sent pages and pages of impressive new designs. He will soon start with the creation of 3D models. And we are not talking about computer graphics here… we are talking about real models!

All is — of course — top secret, továrišči! We just want to tease you with meaningless (yet fancy!) details.

Want to learn more about Steve Tolin? Check out our post from September 2011.