monochrom’s Johannes Grenzfurthner part of “Behind the Minds of Great Storytellers: A Conversation in Audio and Comics”

Bonni Rambatan, the creator of “Behind the Minds of Great Storytellers” writes:

I have always loved talking to people who create stories — those who study human interaction so deeply as to develop a strong sense of empathy for the weak. These are artists, writers, journalists, game designers, but also researchers publishing their findings, or fans writing their next piece of fic.
For lack of a better term, I call these people “storytellers”. Or, if you’d prefer, narrative designers — not in the game design sense, but in a much broader sense of helping us all shape the narratives we tell ourselves about ourselves.
Diverse as they may be storytellers are bound by one thread: A realization that meaning is malleable — a constructed, often contested process — followed by a curiosity of how these processes take place, and what we can do about it to make sure it doesn’t go sideways.
So I decided to start a podcast…

“Narrative Design” is what I have decided to call it. It combines the various strengths and passions of mine — writing, speaking, having critical discussions with other intellectuals —  to generate a thread of critical discussions on culture, art, journalism, and all the various ways we make these meanings. Also? Each week, I’m going to summarize our conversation in comics. It’ll be fun.

It will air starting next week [with Johannes Grenzfurthner of monochrom].


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