Six Feet Under Club: Size matters!

At monochrom‘s Arse Elektronika conference, couples can volunteer to be buried together in a casket beneath the ground. The space they occupy will be extremely private and intimate. First step? Building a coffin! First decision? Measurements! We went to ‘Discout Builders Supply’ at 1695 Mission Street to get a rough estimate… We decided on 80”x30”x24”… … Read more

CarnalNation recommends Arse Elektronika 2010

Much-loved sexpert, activist and troublemaker Susie Bright will be giving the keynote speech Thursday September 30 at this year’s Arse Elektronika in San Francisco. Arse Elektronika is the ever-more-popular Monochrom conference that explores the intersection of sex and technology, and this year’s looks like the most intriguing and engaging yet. Bright’s speech will open the … Read more

Arse Elektronika 2010! Passes!

Hello to all the newscasters, pollsters, watchdogs of discourse, German rappers, DIY perverts, sages of economy, alternative separatists, talk show guests, management consultants, classy columnists, hip DJs, share holder agents, pop writers, advertising strategists, java-script coders and junior professors! Arse Elektronika 2010 is on the way! Schedule is online! Passes will be available at the … Read more

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