Earthmoving @ TEDxVienna 2012

Comrades! Comradettes!
Johannes Grenzfurthner presented Sierra Zulu at TEDxVienna 2011.
He will return for TEDxVienna 2012 to give an update and screen Earthmoving — Sierra Zulu’s short film prequel (featuring Jeff Ricketts, Martin Auer).

TEDxVienna 2012 @ Odeon, Taborstraße 10, 1020 Vienna, Austria.
November 3, 2012.

Earthmoving: Oooh! IMDb with Trivia!

Here is our IMDb entry for Earthmoving… and we even added trivia!


Hrubesch’s band-aid in the film is not a prop. Actor Alexander Fennon had a bicycle accident the morning of the first day of shooting and had to go to the hospital to get the wound stitched. Director Johannes Grenzfurthner asked if he could get a kid’s band-aid and was very pleased with the red one with a blue hippo that Alexander Fennon got from the nurse.

…and one more…

Filming Van Hulzen’s blood sneeze was the most unpleasant part of the production of Earthmoving. It was impossible to fake the location of the GPS display, so a small team drove to the Vienna Airport and mounted the device to the back window of the car. Hans Wagner sprinkled fake blood onto the GPS. After each try the GPS had to be cleaned and twisted and turned so it would show the correct geographical direction. It was one of the coldest and windiest nights of winter 2012. It took twenty takes and the fake blood almost froze.

Earthmoving: A Sierra Zulu Prequel… now ONLINE!

Another day at the United Nations Offices in Vienna. The Austrian Foreign Affairs Ministry invited members of the European Protocol Service, the UN Strategic Command Center for Central Europe, the United States Air Forces and a regional politician from Lower Austria to talk about the future of Soviet Unter-WHAT?!

Want to learn to know our film team?
Well… have a look! Here is the entire list of our heroes of work!

How did we do it?
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Earthmoving: Post-Production Frenzy!

Last Friday we declared picture lock.
Our sound sorcerers Sebastien Bedard and Maxime Voinson (of Audiozone in Montreal, Canada) finished audio design and mastering over the weekend.
And Stefanie Gratzer (of Golden Girls) is currently working in the dark dungeons of color grading.

That means that Sierra Zulu’s prequel Earthmoving will be finished tomorrow evening.

Earthmoving: Shooting done! Proudness!

We finished the filming of Earthmoving (Sierra Zulu’s prequel) at UNOV and VIE.
Two days of intense, creative work with a truly marvellous team! Here’s to them!

Some images for your enjoyment — taken by our wonderful set photographer Magdalena Fischer. More pictures can be found on Sierra Zulu’s Flickr page.

Revolutions are the camera dollies of history.

Earthmoving pre-production!

Comrades! Comradettes!
A brief report from the glorious front line of pre-production!

Sandra Gigerl, Katharina Würthner and Ines Stoderegger are doing a wonderful job organizing the shoot of the Sierra Zulu prequel next week. We promise to blog some pictures soon.

Our actors will be: Jeff Ricketts, Alexander Fennon, Martin Auer, Adrienne Ferguson, Lynsey Thurgar, Stuart Freeman, Achmed Abdel Salam, Günther Friesinger, Arman T. Riahi, Tom de Roeck, Richard Pyrker and Lorenz eSeL Seidler.

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as informal meeting!

Earthmoving: On Site Inspection for Sierra Zulu Prequel

December 13, 2011 marked the production team’s first visit to the United Nations building in Vienna. It will be the shooting location for Sierra Zulu’s prequel “Earthmoving.”

Director Johannes Grenzfurthner stated: “I did nothing more than many others; I did my duty as member of the team.”
(More images on our Flickr page.)