Sierra Zulu Kickstarter: Press overview

Here is a (still incomplete) press overview of our Kickstarter campaign. Not too shabby.

Kurier Kult: “Crowdfunding für Unterzögersdorf”

Telepolis: “Monochrom will Science-Fiction-Komödie über Crowdfunding finanzieren”

Futurezone: “Filmdreh: Monochrom setzt auf Kickstarter”

APA OTS: “SIERRA ZULU: Sowjets bitten das Internet um Geld”

Salzburger Nachrichten: “Unsichtbare Verbrechen”

Laughing Squid: “Sierra Zulu, A Feature Length Political Sci-fi Dark Comedy by Monochrom”

Boing Boing: “Mutant political science fiction movie Sierra Zulu seeks kickstarting”

io9: “A Totally Demented Alternate History of a 21st Century Soviet Holdout”

Nerdcore: “Sierra Zulu: Crowdfunded SciFi-Grotesque from Austria”

Betatext: “Crowdfunding für Unterzögersdorf”

GigaOM: “Soviets, swords, comics and booze”

Libération: “Jeu des sous aux soviets zoulous”

io9: “Crowdfund a film about the last Soviet microstate, a video game about an intern on the moon, and a post-apocalyptic TV series”

Écrans: “Jeu des sous aux soviets zoulous”

Giant Freakin Robot: “Sierra Zulu Sci-Fi/Comedy Kickstarter Cast Includes Robert Picardo And Amber Benson”

Social Film Marketing: “monochrom’s Sierra Zulu erzielt grandiosen Crowdfunding-Erfolg”

The Gap: “Sierra Zulu bei Kickstarter erfolgreich”

Futurezone: “Sierra Zulu: Kickstarter-Film erfolgreich”

Der Standard: “Spielfilm “Sierra Zulu” mit Crowdfunding finanziert”

Update, additional links:

Ö1: “Crowdfunding: Kunstsponsoring im Netz” “Sierra Zulu”

The Gap: “Die Crowd auf Knopfdruck aktivieren”

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Reward: Long Play Records, autographed by Jello Biafra

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Ambassador Chrusov received 5 (in words: five) LPs with works of US American musician and spoken word artist Jello Biafra! All records are signed by Jello Biafra. The LPs cleared censorship and are currently stored in the bathroom of Ambassador Chrusov’s motel room in San Mateo (California).
Donate $115 and pick one! An occasion for collectors and other exploiters! First come, first serve!

(Link to Kickstarter.)

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Reward: A ‘T-Shirt’ for the (limited) Masses!

Fellow communists! We got a multitude of electronic messages, all of them asking for a reward in form of textile! And we answer with: DA!
Soviet Unterzoegersdorf’s Cotton Commission presents a very limited ‘T-Shirt’ for $72. A high amount? No. Shortage of resources!

(Link to Kickstarter.)

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Reward: The Bust of Pavel Protin

People’s General Pavel Protin, nicknamed ‘Pavel the Prole’, was one of the VIPs (Very Important Proletarian) of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf. As a special remembrance reward we offer a 3D-printed bust of the People’s General! For only $42!
This fine item made of heat-squirted plastic is limited and will never ever be posted on Thingiverse! Artifical scarcity, but in a memorable way!

(Image: Pavel Protin, proud)

(Image: Pavel Protin, proud in different medium)

For filthy rich reactionaries: We also added a $5432 option.

(Link to Kickstarter page.)

Red RED Lobster: A Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Incentive for US Americans

US Americans (means: an inhabitant or citizen of the United States of America, as opposed to others who might be called Americans) get a very special Kickstarter offer.

The year 2003. Engineer Zakhar Zajaczek — that baboon! — miscalculated the depth of a test drilling and Soviet Unterzoegersdorf’s only lake drained off. Entirely. We have to commemorate!

a) Donate money, how much ever you like!
b) Dress up in Soviet naval attire!
c) Visit a Red Lobster restaurant!
d) Order food, complain about it, let someone take a picture or video of it!
e) Receive a very special gift!

(Link to Kickstarter page.)

Chrusov meets Yes Men (Yes Man): Kickstarter Tour, Go!

His Excellency — Ambassador Nikita Perostek Chrusov of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf — presents “Andy, the Yes Men”(*)!
“Andy” and “Mike” will be part of the glorious cineastic endeavor of “Sierra Zulu”!

(*) Possibly grammatically incorrect.

Link to Kickstarter campaign!

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Tour Dates

Bolsheviks! Upcoming events to promote our Kickstarter campaign for Sierra Zulu!

July 13, 2012, 9 PM
At HOPE Conference in New York City, Hotel Pennsylvania
Lecture performance “Sierra Zulu: How To Create A Feature Film About The Digital Age — And Why That’s Pretty Hard”

July 16, 2012, 7 PM
A Soviet Drink-Up at Beer Authority in Manhattan
613 8th Avenue (corner of 40th street across from Port Authority)

July 17, 2012, 7 PM
A Soviet BBQ at Bar Alexandraplatz in Montréal, Canada
6731 rue de l’Esplanade, Montréal, Canada

July 19, 2012, 7 PM thru 8:30 PM
A Soviet BBQ in Indianapolis, IN
Ellenberger Park, 5301 E. St. Clair St. (check intersection of Ritter and St. Clair)

July 21, 2012, 7 PM
A Soviet BBQ in Columbia, Missouri
Location: Location: 300 McNab Drive, Columbia, MO

July 22, 2012, 7 PM
At Kansas City Hackerspace CCCKC
440 East 63rd Street, Kansas City, MO
Lecture performance “Sierra Zulu: How To Create A Feature Film About The Digital Age — And Why That’s Pretty Hard”

July 24, 2012. 7 PM
A Soviet Occupation in San Francisco
Location: 19th and Dolores… please come in proper Soviet attire!

July 29, 2012, 2 PM
Closing Celebrations in Los Angeles
A Soviet Picnic at Old Zoo at Griffith Park

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Reward for Disk Proletarians!

Complaints? Do we hear complaints? YES!
People on the international network demand a reward including a copy of the film in a lower price segment! Bolsheviks! Do not worry! We listen to the people! It is our profession!
Henceforth, we shall offer a proletarian, unlimited, unsigned and completely regular “DVD” of “Sierra Zulu” for “$54”. It will also include a small cardboard Soviet. We shall make it with this machine:

Link to Kickstarter.

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Reward for Plutocrats: Blood!

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf’s Research Group For Commodity Fetishism published a new paper (H32/7/12).
Quote: “In order to access and attract the wealthy plutocratic Western clientele, the State has to offer an additional reward in form of a decadent perversion.”
Recommendation of the research group: “In case of a single donor contributing more than $19,998, director Johannes Grenzfurthner should consume 1 pint of his own blood.”
He accepted. Only 1 pint available.

Link to Kickstarter.

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter: Get Digital Versatile Disk! Huge piece of paper! And Signatures!

The “Digital Versatile Disk” is an optical disc storage format, invented and developed by Philips, Sony, and other class enemies in 1995. Soviet Unterzoegersdorf tried to establish its own standard, but failed, because they didn’t embrace the porn market.

Nevertheless: Donate over $129 and you will receive a limited edition DVD (signed by celebs) plus a Sierra Zulu movie poster (signed by even more celebs), plus a special Soviet gift (signed by an unknown soldier). (Disclaimer: DVD is a dying medium. It might end up being a Blu-Ray.)

Link to Kickstarter page!

New reward on Kickstarter! Gravel, the Fundament of our State!

In the face of a slowly expanding population and the unfulfilled demands for land for all types of public development, the problem of utilizing gravel is a critical issue for the industry of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf!
We want to offer you a deal. Give us $39 (bah, Bretton-Woods, bah!) to tell our story and you will receive a precious (and collectable) piece of our homeland! The Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Academy of Earth Handling will include a one-of-a-kind certificate of origin! (And your name on the silver screen!)

(Storyboard drawing by Andreas Rausch)

Link to Kickstarter page!