monochrom #26-34 von ‘Neural’ rezensiert

Yeah! Eine wunderbare Rezi, veröffentlicht von Neural. monochrom #26-34: Ye Olde Self-Referentiality Printing a 500-page book using the look and feel of a nineties xeroxed fanzine, with an impressive number of essays is a clear statement in 2010. This is not meant to be an outrageously expensive art book for collectors, nor a sleek coffee … Read more

Babies Grasp Number, Space and Time Concepts

Even before they learn to speak, babies are organizing information about numbers, space and time in more complex ways than previously realized, a study led by Emory University psychologist Stella Lourenco finds. “We’ve shown that 9-month-olds are sensitive to ‘more than’ or ‘less than’ relations across the number, size and duration of objects. And what’s … Read more

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