CarnalNation recommends Arse Elektronika 2010

Much-loved sexpert, activist and troublemaker Susie Bright will be giving the keynote speech Thursday September 30 at this year’s Arse Elektronika in San Francisco.

Arse Elektronika is the ever-more-popular Monochrom conference that explores the intersection of sex and technology, and this year’s looks like the most intriguing and engaging yet.

Bright’s speech will open the four-day event; other guest stars include io9’s Charlie Jane Anders and writer/editor Thomas Roche.

Arse Elektronika features lectures, workshops, machines, performances and films; the heart of the event is the exhilarating dialogue between kinky geeks, geeky queers, activist sex renegades, machine-fucking pornstars who can write their own code, and the way the genderfluid, sex-positive, techno-perverse, hackers-who-fuck-in-Berlin-coffeeshop-bathrooms crowd interacts to create a dissolving haze around the outdated conventions of the heteronormative binary model.


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