Body Heat app sneak peek at Arse Elektronika 2010

Body Heat™ from Perfect Plum is a groundbreaking new iPhone app created to control a vibrator. Designed by a woman, the intuitive touchscreen app merges art, technology, and sensuality. Join Perfect Plum’s exclusive pre-release sneak peek at the Center for Sex and Culture.

Body Heat™ will debut exclusively at monochrom’s Arse Elektronika Festival for Sex and Technology in San Francisco on October 1, 2010, at the Center for Sex and Culture. To introduce the software to the public, Kelley has teamed up with San Francisco-based chip music mainstay Jordan Gray, aka Starpause. “During our performance, the signals that the application generates will feed into synths, samples, and effects in a live remix of Starpause tracks.” Kelley explains. “Plus, a vibrator driven by Body Heat will add percussion sounds.” Gray adds, “I’m a user experience nerd and this app is the most intuitive interface I’ve seen for making a vibrator wiggle however you want. Combining my music with Body Heat has been a treat — the next best thing to exciting a lover is making some synths squeal!”

To learn more about Body Heat™, sign up for product updates from Perfect Plum, and purchase compatible hardware, visit the product website:

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