Kurzes Blog-Interview über den Hackbus @ Drumbeat Festival

Kurzes Interview mit Johannes Grenzfurthner über den Hackbus, die Hackbus-Bewegung und die Zukunft der Bildung.

Hackbusses are migratory learning and
teaching units, taking the talented hackers and their ideas out of urban
centers and bringing them to people who might not otherwise be aware of
the possibilities available to them.

[monochrom and Dave Dempsey] will drive their hackbus from Vienna to Barcelona to do workshops and to bring self-empowerment to the people.

Hackbusses (or mobile hacklabs or hack vehicles) are a low-threshold way of bringing the culture of hacking to the people.

He believes a new hardware DIY movement needs to be started, and other approaches on the education are possible.

non-hierarchical education. Interchange. Exchange. Classic educational
approaches are always top-down and have a strong feeling of authority.
What we need is open community labs incorporating elements of where
interested folks can come together to share resources and knowledge to
build and make things.

Johannes is a member of monochrom, an art-tech collective interested in DIY, hacking, art, counter-culture and guerilla communication.

art hackers are often helpless against official “art in public space”!
Oh, the horror! Those endless atrocities! All of them labeled “sculpture
in public space”! Ah! Monstrous “public art installations” on
roundabouts, on main streets, in shopping malls! It is time to reclaim
the street art! It is time to create your own public art! Get your
hammers! Get your welding equipment! It’s time for Sculpture Mobs!


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