monochrom @ SHIFT – Festival of Electronic Arts (Basel, Switzerland)

monochrom will be part of Shift Festival 2010 — and present our adventure game series “Soviet Unterzoegersdorf” and a nice little best-of-monochrom gala show.


Media technologies alter our view of cultural production in bygone days. People often speak nowadays of an ‘overwhelming flood’ of images or of data. This bubbling whirlpool of information brings to the surface things long believed forgotten, triggers reminiscence and allows us in part, to compose new, fleeting histories and rearrange our memory banks. For this year’s edition of the Shift Festival, the focus is on independent views of the past, on the meandering histories of all that scrapes by, obscure and obsolete, on the margins of the allegedly linear history of events.

October 28-31, 2010; Basel, Switzerland.


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