Sierra Zulu presents: Max Grodenchik and Dirk Stermann

More updates about Sierra Zulu’s actors!
Today we are delighted being able to brag about new Absichtserklärungen by Max Grodénchik and Dirk Stermann!

Max will play an American. And Dirk a German. No surprises. And no, we won’t give away more information.

Max Grodénchik?

Max Grodénchik’s TV credits include CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, E.R., Crossing Jordan, Tales from the Crypt, Six Feet Under, The Drew Carey Show, Sliders, and the BBC series Hustle.  He played in two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which led to his seven seasons as the recurring character Rom on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Film credits include King of California, Bruce Almighty, Apollo 13, Sister Act, Barton Fink and The Rocketeer.  He played the title role in the Dino De Laurentiis-produced horror film Rumpelstiltskin, written and directed by Mark Jones (who launched the Leprechaun franchise).
On the stage he has worked off-Broadway with Glenn Close, and at the Guthrie Theater, Yale Repertory and Center Stage, Baltimore. He also toured with Center Stage’s Young People’s Theatre, bringing live performances to school children across the entire state of Maryland.
He began his acting career appearing in plays at the Magic Theatre, San Francisco, in the days when Sam Shepard was that theatre’s playwright-in-residence.

Dirk Stermann?

Dirk Stermann began to study History and Theatre Arts at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf/Germany and continued his studies in Vienna/Austria from 1987 onwards, but didn’t bother graduating. He is working at the Austrian Broadcasting Company (ORF) since 1988; since 1990 he is the German half of the comedy duo Stermann & Grissemann. The duo hosted the radio satire shows Salon Helga (ORF), Radio Blume (ORF) and Show Royale (Radio Eins, Berlin) and published several books.
Since 2004 Dirk has hosted the “Protestsongcontest” at the Rabenhof Theater in Vienna. In 2007 he started hosting the popular TV talkshow “Willkommen Österreich”.
Dirk Stermann is married to journalist Christine Schatz and they have a daughter.
Movies: Silentium (Austria 2004, Director: Wolfgang Murnberger), Import Export (Austria 2007, Director: Ulrich Seidl), Immer nie am Meer (Austria 2007, Director: Antonin Svoboda)

Sierra Zulu presents: the Brothers Lampl

More updates about Sierra Zulu’s actors! Roland Gratzer and Johannes Grenzfurthner met the Lampls for an early beer in Graz… and deal!

(from left to right: Harry, Director, Jimi)

Harry Lampl

Harry Lampl, born 1987, majored in Technical Physics at the University Graz. Has appeared in numerous film and TV productions as well as in theatre plays. Awards: Prize of the Jury in the category ‘actor’ at the 12th International Film Festival of the Film Academy Vienna 2007 for playing Marco in Sigmund Steiners “Harz”.
Selected projects: “Gehen am Strand” (Caspar Pfaundler, 2011), “One Way Trip” (Markus Welter, 2010), “Blutsfreundschaften” (Peter Kern, 2009), “Freischwimmer” (Bernhard Riener, 2009), “Mono” (Barbara Grascher, 2007). TV: “Verfolgt – Der kleine Zeuge” (Andreas Senn, 2012), “Soko Kitzbühl: Jungbrunnen” (Mike Zens, 2012).

Jimi Lend (alias Johann Wolfgang Lampl)

Jimi Lend, born 1980, lives and works as a freelance actor, director, author, poetry slammer and event organizer in Vienna. Trained as an actor at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Graz (graduated in 2003). Winner of the Max Reinhard Award and the audience award at the Annual Meeting of German Speaking Acting Schools in Essen 2002. Engagements at the Schauspielhaus Graz, Theater im Keller Graz, Forum Stadtpark Graz, Ensembletheater Wien, Theater m.b.H. at the Kabelwerk Wien, Forum Theater Wien, ortszeit and Theater im Bahnhof Graz. Co-founder of the “little drama boyz”, the “Vitamins of Society” (directing, organisation, acting) and the “LickeDeela”(Funk,
Filmography: “Dutschke” (Stephan Krohmer, 2008), “Der Knochenmann” (Wolfgang Murnberger, 2008), “Mutig in die neuen Zeiten” (Harald Sicheritz, 2006), “Anschlagsordnung” (Camillo Meinhart, 2006), and “Harz” (Grasch/Steiner/Glehr, 2005).

Sierra Zulu presents: Jeff Ricketts and Joi Ito

Bolsheviks! We want to keep you updated about the audacious proceedings on Sierra Zulu’s casting front!
Today we are excited being able to introduce our first actors: Jeff Ricketts and Joi Ito!

Jeff Ricketts will reprise his role as General Huub Van Hulzen (UN Strategic Command Center for Central Europe) — and Joi Ito will play a small, but very honorable part.

 Jeff Ricketts?

Jeff is an American League-trained theater, film and television actor. He has performed in over 100 plays in New York, regional theater, Shakespeare Festivals and international theater. While in New York, he played the title role in Richard Schechner’s critically acclaimed production of FaustGastronome. Dr. Faustus, in this production, was an alchemist-turned-master chef and the show performed in New York, London, and Glasgow.
In Hollywood, Jeff has appeared in many dramatic and comedic television series’ including CSI, Drew Carey, NYPD Blue, 24, Star Trek Enterprise, Charmed and he did Joss Whedon’s hat trick having guest-starred on all three of his shows: Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.
In 2011 Jeff has played the Captain of the International Space Station in monochrom’s ISS. This improvisational sitcom was filmed before live audiences in Vienna and Berlin.
Jeff’s films include Holes, Clockstoppers and he recently wrapped shooting The Boundary Man starring Klaus Maria Brandauer.

Joi Ito?

Joi is an influential thinker, speaker, and seed investor driving the international development of the Internet. He was selected as a “Global Leader for Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum; as one of the 25 Most Influential People on the Web by BusinessWeek; as a member of the “Cyber-Elite” by Time magazine; as a “Leader of the Pack” by Newsweek, and as a member of “The Next Establishment” by Vanity Fair.
By the early 1990s, Joi had already realized the power and potential of the Internet, and in 1994, at the age of 28, he founded one of the first web development companies in Japan, Eccosys, which eventually became Digital Garage, now one of the most actively traded public Japanese Internet companies; he also helped establish, and became CEO of, the first commercial Internet service provider in Japan. He helped to found Infoseek Japan–the first commercial search engine in Japan–and served as its chairman. Subsequently, Joi shifted his focus to early-stage venture investing and was an early investor in over 40 companies including Flickr, Six Apart,, Kongregate, Kickstarter, and Twitter. He continues to invest in start-up companies through his venture fund, Neoteny Labs, which focuses on Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
In addition to private-sector work, Joi has been part of a wide range of governmental, arts, and non-profit organizations, and has participated in dozens of central and local government study groups, committees, and advisory boards.
Joi has served on numerous non-profit boards involving computing and the Internet, including the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN); the Open Source Initiative (OSI); Computer Scientists for Social Responsibility (CPSR); and the Internet Association of Japan; the Mozilla Foundation; WITNESS; Startl; and Global Voices, a network of bloggers focusing on free speech and promoting the less-heard voices around the world. For the past 10 years he has served as a juror for Prix Ars Electronica.
In 2003, Joi was invited to join the board of Creative Commons, and in 2011 he was announced head of the MIT Media Lab.

Casting for Sierra Zulu: It’s Time Indeed!

Our marvelous casting agent Khris Brown has a message for the People of the World!

I’m very excited to have the opportunity to cast such a smart project. In the same way that early Monty Python skewered outdated social norms and Catch-22 satirized military absurdities, SZ sends up contemporary notions of commerce & social justice. The characters are all vibrant and essential to the lampoon, but, far from being cutouts to serve a point, they experience real arcs and anchor the story in strong human emotion. I expect the show to surpass its creators’ expectations and become a cult hit – it’s too insightful & funny to do anything less. We’re on the hunt for a diverse & international cast to add to our already-impressive roster. Interested parties can send their headshot, resume, union status & reel to me at SeniorEditor2011 AT

Comrade! Comradette! Get involved!