Screencritix-Review von “Traceroute”

Carl Burgess vom Screencritix-Blog hat Traceroute scheinbar wirklich gut gefallen. Yeah!

To start the film, Johannes takes the audience on a trip through his childhood and it was quite scary to watch – scary in it being almost a complete reflection of my own childhood. Like Johannes, I was obsessed with science fiction, monsters, movies and creating short films with my non-actor friends. This trip back in time was a perfect start for the documentary.


Traceroute is a really well put together documentary film. It is shot nicely with good sound and edited in a sublime manner to captivate the audience and keep us interested throughout the two hour runtime. Not once did I ever get bored, I joined Johannes and his companions on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and I totally enjoyed my time with them.

If you do so happen to be lucky enough to be given the chance to watch this documentary, embrace the geek in yourself and make sure you do. I did and I fu$*ing loved it.


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