monochrom’s Scrota Contra Vota: Join!

Yesterday night — at the Austrian Big Brother Awards Ceremony — Mister Gratzer and Mister Grenzfurthner decided to restart monochrom’s long-term project “Scrota Contra Vota”: a form of radical political protest for 50 percent of the elective population. Men (and that’s a statistical fact) are in charge of a lot more right-wing political hogwash and Mister Grenzfurthner demonstrated on stage how to take a picture of your scrotum and submit it to our growing database. As a form of protest, monochrom reserves the right to send these digital images to various conservative politicians.

Here is beautiful example of yesterday’s harvest of seven scrota!

But you can scan your scrotum at home and send it to us via email! Join the movement! Your scrotum counts!


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