Film Threat interviews Johannes Grenzfurthner

Thomas Kaestle interviewed Johannes Grenzfurthner about ”Masking Threshold” for FILM THREAT.

Viennese filmmaker Johannes Grenzfurthner talks about his new film Masking Threshold – horror, disgust, suspense, the fascination of details, as well as the dark side of the nerd culture. With his new film Masking Threshold, Johannes Grenzfurthner does not simplify his audience’s perception, which is a principle he already established three years ago with the crankily erratic and associatively lexical documentary Glossary of Broken Dreams. In this film, he deconstructed popular political buzzwords – to the benefit of all those who were willing to walk across discursive chasms on wavering theories. The horror drama Masking Threshold challenges thinking and viewing habits in different ways, even if it shares an unsettling appetite for formal experimentation with its predecessor – and a fear of looking down.

This time the audience embarks on a microscopic journey through objects on the writing and laboratory table of an unbalanced nerd. Grenzfurthner, the theory-loving provocateur roams the dark sides of biting into alternative perspectives. Socially decoupled attempts to explain the world under the pressure of suffering turn into horror in a genre film that plays with and breaks expectations, that takes alternative paths in terms of aesthetics and narrative style, and boldly combines its role models and sources of inspiration into something new.


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