Horror Buzz enjoyed Masking Threshold

Horror Buzz likes Masking Threshold! 7.5 out of 10! Masking Threshold is a film that’s going to make you uncomfortable, and I mean really uncomfortable. It’s a film where everything, especially the visuals and audio, is amplified, due to the nameless protagonist’s obsession with sound. Despite the intentional discomfort, it’s an arresting watch, tracking one … Read more

Film Threat interviews Johannes Grenzfurthner

Thomas Kaestle interviewed Johannes Grenzfurthner about ”Masking Threshold” for FILM THREAT. Viennese filmmaker Johannes Grenzfurthner talks about his new film Masking Threshold – horror, disgust, suspense, the fascination of details, as well as the dark side of the nerd culture. With his new film Masking Threshold, Johannes Grenzfurthner does not simplify his audience’s perception, which … Read more

PopHorror interviewed Johannes Grenzfurthner about Masking Threshold

Danni Winn of PopHorror interviewed Johannes Grenzfurthner about Masking Threshold! This year’s Nightmares Film Festival continues in its tradition of bringing together exceptional examples of genre filmmaking, but one film in particular, Masking Threshold, stood out from the crowd, ultimately winning the prestigious Film From Hell honor. The latest from Austrian filmmaker Johannes Grenzfurthner, founder … Read more

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