monochrom’s Zeigerpointer catalogue: "The wonderful world of absence"

We define the ‘Zeigerpointer’ as images (in the scope of
printed media reporting) of crime scenes, locations of accidents as well
as other locations in which some kind of thing has happened that can no
longer be seen because the reported happening is already over and no
traces are visible (either because none were produced or because they
were already removed during the reinstatement of the status quo).
Because in these cases there is nothing to take a picture of, the photo
journalist generally asks certain people – eyewitnesses, concerned
parties or somebody in charge – to point to the spot where ‘it’
happened. ‘Zeigerpointers’ can unambiguously be defined with a couple of
criteria they have to fulfil and therefore distinguish them from other
pictures of people pointing at something. The reported event must not be
visible through any other means than the pointing at the spot where
‘it’ happened. (You can find examples here.)

Together with our friends on the internets we collected ‘Zeigerpointers’… and we decided to capture their vital essence in oil paint. We hung them on the walls of Aksioma gallery in Ljubljana. And now you can enjoy them at home. Buy our catalogue!

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