CVNC: Masking Threshold at Cucalorus

CVNC’s Tanner Benson mentions Masking Threshold in his summary of Cucalorus Film Festival.

Perhaps more than the people in the audience, the diversity of material onscreen sets Cucalorus apart from other film festivals. In a single day, I saw a collection of short films made for children (Buttercup Shorts: Youth Finding Their Way, dir. various); a soapy morality tale about life as a Black teenager in Boston (Memoirs of a Black Girl, dir. Thato Rantao Mwosa); a gross-out philosophical deep-dive into a man’s struggle with tinnitus, and his subsequent decent into madness (Masking Threshold, dir. Johannes Grenzfurthner); and a slow-burn, punk-metal horror film about a young woman who learns about her genealogical connections to magic and witchcraft (Hellbender, dir. The Adams Family).


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