Sierra Zulu Kickstarter: Press overview

Here is a (still incomplete) press overview of our Kickstarter campaign. Not too shabby.

Kurier Kult: “Crowdfunding für Unterzögersdorf”

Telepolis: “Monochrom will Science-Fiction-Komödie über Crowdfunding finanzieren”

Futurezone: “Filmdreh: Monochrom setzt auf Kickstarter”

APA OTS: “SIERRA ZULU: Sowjets bitten das Internet um Geld”

Salzburger Nachrichten: “Unsichtbare Verbrechen”

Laughing Squid: “Sierra Zulu, A Feature Length Political Sci-fi Dark Comedy by Monochrom”

Boing Boing: “Mutant political science fiction movie Sierra Zulu seeks kickstarting”

io9: “A Totally Demented Alternate History of a 21st Century Soviet Holdout”

Nerdcore: “Sierra Zulu: Crowdfunded SciFi-Grotesque from Austria”

Betatext: “Crowdfunding für Unterzögersdorf”

GigaOM: “Soviets, swords, comics and booze”

Libération: “Jeu des sous aux soviets zoulous”

io9: “Crowdfund a film about the last Soviet microstate, a video game about an intern on the moon, and a post-apocalyptic TV series”

Écrans: “Jeu des sous aux soviets zoulous”

Giant Freakin Robot: “Sierra Zulu Sci-Fi/Comedy Kickstarter Cast Includes Robert Picardo And Amber Benson”

Social Film Marketing: “monochrom’s Sierra Zulu erzielt grandiosen Crowdfunding-Erfolg”

The Gap: “Sierra Zulu bei Kickstarter erfolgreich”

Futurezone: “Sierra Zulu: Kickstarter-Film erfolgreich”

Der Standard: “Spielfilm “Sierra Zulu” mit Crowdfunding finanziert”

Update, additional links:

Ö1: “Crowdfunding: Kunstsponsoring im Netz” “Sierra Zulu”

The Gap: “Die Crowd auf Knopfdruck aktivieren”

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Reward: Long Play Records, autographed by Jello Biafra

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Ambassador Chrusov received 5 (in words: five) LPs with works of US American musician and spoken word artist Jello Biafra! All records are signed by Jello Biafra. The LPs cleared censorship and are currently stored in the bathroom of Ambassador Chrusov’s motel room in San Mateo (California).
Donate $115 and pick one! An occasion for collectors and other exploiters! First come, first serve!

(Link to Kickstarter.)

Red RED Lobster: A Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Incentive for US Americans

US Americans (means: an inhabitant or citizen of the United States of America, as opposed to others who might be called Americans) get a very special Kickstarter offer.

The year 2003. Engineer Zakhar Zajaczek — that baboon! — miscalculated the depth of a test drilling and Soviet Unterzoegersdorf’s only lake drained off. Entirely. We have to commemorate!

a) Donate money, how much ever you like!
b) Dress up in Soviet naval attire!
c) Visit a Red Lobster restaurant!
d) Order food, complain about it, let someone take a picture or video of it!
e) Receive a very special gift!

(Link to Kickstarter page.)

Chrusov meets Yes Men (Yes Man): Kickstarter Tour, Go!

His Excellency — Ambassador Nikita Perostek Chrusov of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf — presents “Andy, the Yes Men”(*)!
“Andy” and “Mike” will be part of the glorious cineastic endeavor of “Sierra Zulu”!

(*) Possibly grammatically incorrect.

Link to Kickstarter campaign!

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Tour Dates

Bolsheviks! Upcoming events to promote our Kickstarter campaign for Sierra Zulu!

July 13, 2012, 9 PM
At HOPE Conference in New York City, Hotel Pennsylvania
Lecture performance “Sierra Zulu: How To Create A Feature Film About The Digital Age — And Why That’s Pretty Hard”

July 16, 2012, 7 PM
A Soviet Drink-Up at Beer Authority in Manhattan
613 8th Avenue (corner of 40th street across from Port Authority)

July 17, 2012, 7 PM
A Soviet BBQ at Bar Alexandraplatz in Montréal, Canada
6731 rue de l’Esplanade, Montréal, Canada

July 19, 2012, 7 PM thru 8:30 PM
A Soviet BBQ in Indianapolis, IN
Ellenberger Park, 5301 E. St. Clair St. (check intersection of Ritter and St. Clair)

July 21, 2012, 7 PM
A Soviet BBQ in Columbia, Missouri
Location: Location: 300 McNab Drive, Columbia, MO

July 22, 2012, 7 PM
At Kansas City Hackerspace CCCKC
440 East 63rd Street, Kansas City, MO
Lecture performance “Sierra Zulu: How To Create A Feature Film About The Digital Age — And Why That’s Pretty Hard”

July 24, 2012. 7 PM
A Soviet Occupation in San Francisco
Location: 19th and Dolores… please come in proper Soviet attire!

July 29, 2012, 2 PM
Closing Celebrations in Los Angeles
A Soviet Picnic at Old Zoo at Griffith Park

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Reward: The Seal of Immigration

What a glorious and bureaucratic opportunity!
a) Pay us a processing fee of $28.
b) Send us an official travel document.
c) Receive the document stamped with Soviet Unterzoegersdorf’s official seal of immigration!

Disclaimer: In case you want to send us a passort. This is a felony. Whatever.

Link to Kickstarter.

Sierra Zulu Kickstarter Reward for Plutocrats: Blood!

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf’s Research Group For Commodity Fetishism published a new paper (H32/7/12).
Quote: “In order to access and attract the wealthy plutocratic Western clientele, the State has to offer an additional reward in form of a decadent perversion.”
Recommendation of the research group: “In case of a single donor contributing more than $19,998, director Johannes Grenzfurthner should consume 1 pint of his own blood.”
He accepted. Only 1 pint available.

Link to Kickstarter.

Gewaltmarsch! Launch of Kickstarter for Sierra Zulu in Vienna!

July 3 was a glorious day for international solidarity. A Soviet Unterzoegersdorf delegation visited the Austrian capital. His Excellency — the Ambassador of the People’s Republic — Nikita Perostek Chrusov gave a speech! He did not speak about tradition and skiing lifts, but hope! (And he screamed strong words at an anti-Semitic tourist.)

Image by Dan Taylor.

All images: HERE.
Link to Kickstarter campaign: THERE.

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Ambassador will join Kickstarter Launch Gewaltmarsch!

Honorable internet users! Proletarian scientists! Planned economists!

July 3 (not 4, this is a different, slightly awkward celebration) we plan to launch a glorious Kickstarter campaign for the financial triumph of Sierra Zulu!

It is our pleasure to announce that His Excellency — the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf — Nikita Perostek Chrusov will travel to Vienna to give a speech! He will not speak about tradition and skiing lifts, but hope!

Vienna, July 3.
7 PM at the Soviet Monument on Schwarzenbergplatz. Rain or shine!
Please dress properly in Bolshevik attire and bring red flags! We plan a Gewaltmarsch towards the pub “Flying Pig” around 8 PM! The friendly owner of the drinking establishment will offer special beers and Molotov cocktails, will prepare borscht and blennies!

(Facebook event)

Sierra Zulu’s Electronic Intelligentsia: Dmytri Kleiner and Sean Bonner

Comradettes! Comrades!

Long live the Soviet electronic intelligentsia — active builders of the New Communism!

Welcome Dmytri Kleiner and Sean Bonner, our digital politics consultants and co-ideologists!

Glorious is their work and support! They create quickly, durably, economically, and on the basis of contemporary technology!


Dmytri KleinerDmytri Kleiner?

Dmytri Kleiner is the author of The Telekommunist Manifesto, a founder of the Telekommunisten Collective and contributing artist to the Collective’s Miscommunication Technologies continuing series of artworks, such as Thimbl and deadSwap. Miscommunication Technologies address the social relations embedded in communications technologies by creating platforms that don’t quite work as expected, or work in unexpected ways. In The Telekommunist Manifesto, Kleiner has published the Peer-Production licence, a commons-friendly Copyleft/Non-Commercial license the author has described as CopyFarLeft, and proposed Venture Communism, a mode of worker-controlled production modelled on peer networks and the pastoral commons. He can be followed at

Sean BonnerSean Bonner?

Sean Bonner is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, journalist, activist and enthusiast. Bonner has co-founded hackerspaces and blog networks, an art gallery, design firm and record label. He is a board member of Coffee Common, works closely with Neoteny Labs and has been a regular contributor to BoingBoing. He is a co-founder and director of Safecast.

Sierra Zulu presents: Amber Benson and Michael Ostrowski

Bolsheviks! It is our most cheerful pleasure to inform you about exciting Letters Of Intent we received!
If all goes according to our Two-Year plan — and we will receive the necessary funds to create Sierra Zulu — we envision to work with two terrific performers!

Honor and praise to Amber Benson and Michael Ostrowski — the steadfast warriors for peace in the whole world! Long live the friendship and the unshakable unity of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf!

Amber Benson?

Amber Benson is an American actress, writer, film director, and film producer. She is best known for her role as Tara Maclay on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but has also directed, produced and starred in her own films Chance (2002) and Lovers, Liars & Lunatics (2006). She is also co-director with Adam Busch of Drones.
Benson was 14 when she made her feature-film debut in the Steven Soderbergh-directed movie King of the Hill. While still working on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Benson co-wrote the movie The Theory of the Leisure Class with director Gabriel Bologna, released in 2001, and directed, produced, edited, and acted in a digital video feature called Chance (2002) which also featured her Buffy co-star James Marsters. She also collaborated with director James Kerwin in 2003 to produce her play, Albert Hall, in Hollywood.
After her time on Buffy, Benson began production on a series of animation films for the BBC with co-creator Christopher Golden and animation studio Cosgrove Hall. Ghosts of Albion: Legacy (2003) and its sequels are available on the BBC Cult website. In 2006, Benson released her second independent feature film Lovers, Liars & Lunatics through her own production company, Benson Entertainment.
Benson also writes very successful novels and comic books. Her most recent novel is How To Be Death.

Michael Ostrowski?

Michael Ostrowski grew up in Rottenmann, Styria, Austria. In 1991 he began to study English and French in Graz, Oxford and New York. His acting carrer started rather accidentally when he met Ed Hauswirth of the experimental theatre group ‘Theater im Bahnhof’ in Graz. With this group he made his first appearances as an actor in 1993. In 2002 they won the Nestroy theatre prize for best off-production. In 2002, he landed his first movie role in Nogo, in which he played one of the lead characters, Sam. So far, the most successful and popular movie production he worked in is the comedy Nacktschnecken (2004), for which he wrote the screen-play at the end of the 1990s. The movie was directed by Michael Glawogger. Ostrowski is still active in the theater, performing in the Grazer Schauspielhaus and the Wiener Kammerspiele, amongst others. In the early 1990s he began working as an event host, including various large-scale events like the ‘Krone-Fußballgala’ and the Nestroy Award Gala in 2003. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 he hosted the Amadeus Music Awards. He contributed to the screen-play of the feature film Die unabsichtliche Entführung der Frau Elfriede Ott (2010). He also played the main character in the film, a performance which won him the Austrian Movie Award.

Sierra Zulu goes Amstetten

There will be a German language presentation about Sierra Zulu in Amstetten.

Sierra Zulu. Oder: Wie ein belangloses Kuhkaff die Gegenwart retten kann

Eine UN-Friedenstruppe leistet in einem kleinen Lager Dienst im Niemandsland zwischen Europa und dem winzigen Kleinstaat Sowjet-Unterzögersdorf. Ihr Dienst ist langweilig und eintönig, doch als es zu einer Explosion in Sowjet-Unterzögersdorf kommt, wird das Team in eine bizarre Verschwörung aus Industriespionage und politischer Intrige verwickelt, die die Zukunft der Informationsgesellschaft nachhaltig verändern könnte. “Sierra Zulu” – eine politische Groteske.
Johannes Grenzfurthner erzählt über die Entwicklung des Spielfilms “Sierra Zulu”.

May 3, 2012 – 7 PM at Cafe Kuckuck in Amstetten, Lower Austria (as part of Kulturhof Amstetten).

Sierra Zulu presents: the Brothers Lampl

More updates about Sierra Zulu’s actors! Roland Gratzer and Johannes Grenzfurthner met the Lampls for an early beer in Graz… and deal!

(from left to right: Harry, Director, Jimi)

Harry Lampl

Harry Lampl, born 1987, majored in Technical Physics at the University Graz. Has appeared in numerous film and TV productions as well as in theatre plays. Awards: Prize of the Jury in the category ‘actor’ at the 12th International Film Festival of the Film Academy Vienna 2007 for playing Marco in Sigmund Steiners “Harz”.
Selected projects: “Gehen am Strand” (Caspar Pfaundler, 2011), “One Way Trip” (Markus Welter, 2010), “Blutsfreundschaften” (Peter Kern, 2009), “Freischwimmer” (Bernhard Riener, 2009), “Mono” (Barbara Grascher, 2007). TV: “Verfolgt – Der kleine Zeuge” (Andreas Senn, 2012), “Soko Kitzbühl: Jungbrunnen” (Mike Zens, 2012).

Jimi Lend (alias Johann Wolfgang Lampl)

Jimi Lend, born 1980, lives and works as a freelance actor, director, author, poetry slammer and event organizer in Vienna. Trained as an actor at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Graz (graduated in 2003). Winner of the Max Reinhard Award and the audience award at the Annual Meeting of German Speaking Acting Schools in Essen 2002. Engagements at the Schauspielhaus Graz, Theater im Keller Graz, Forum Stadtpark Graz, Ensembletheater Wien, Theater m.b.H. at the Kabelwerk Wien, Forum Theater Wien, ortszeit and Theater im Bahnhof Graz. Co-founder of the “little drama boyz”, the “Vitamins of Society” (directing, organisation, acting) and the “LickeDeela”(Funk,
Filmography: “Dutschke” (Stephan Krohmer, 2008), “Der Knochenmann” (Wolfgang Murnberger, 2008), “Mutig in die neuen Zeiten” (Harald Sicheritz, 2006), “Anschlagsordnung” (Camillo Meinhart, 2006), and “Harz” (Grasch/Steiner/Glehr, 2005).